video which has re-emerged online has revealed that American rapper DMX was a huge fan of the TV sitcom The Golden Girls.

The X Gon’ Give It To Ya singer, whose real name was Earl Simmons, died aged 50 on Friday. He had suffered a heart attack on April 2 which left him on life support.

As tributes flooded in from the likes of Missy Elliott, LeBron James and The Weeknd, one clip from a 2017 episode of YouTube series Hot Wings saw actress Gabrielle Union share a unique memory of the artist.

“Did you know that DMX loves The Golden Girls?” she asks host Sean Evans.

After Evans replied asking her how she knew about this, Union continued: “Because he watches it in his trailer.

“There was a dog-biting incident with one of the PAs. I was sent to go get him for set.

“So, after a while, nobody wanted to go get him, and so I would be sent to go get him, because I’m a dog person.”

Union starred alongside DMX – which stands for Dark Man X – in the action film Cradle 2 The Grave, which was released in 2003.

She added: “He’d be like, ‘Yo, have a drink! Watch The Golden Girls! This s*** is funny!

“We would have a Heineken and sometimes a little Crown, and we’d watch The Golden Girls, and he would laugh hysterically.”

Responding to the clip on Twitter, users praised Union’s “uncannily good” impression of the actor while telling her anecdote:

Others simply said that DMX was a “legend” for loving the US sitcom:

The Golden Girls ran for seven seasons from 1985, before finishing in 1992.

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