Do not, repeat do not, try this dance move at your wedding

Wedding dancing is supposed to be a bit cringe, but one groom just took the biscuit.

A pair of newlyweds made an all-singing, all-dancing entrance to their wedding reception in a clip uploaded to YouTube recently.

There's even a bit of funky chicken going on before all the attention goes to the groom's head and things get a bit out of hand.

While his bride is making her way onto the dancefloor, Mr Cirque du Soleil decides to backflip on to it - which would have been impressive if his feet hadn't connected with his new wife's head, sending both her and a flower arrangement crashing to the floor.

The guy is still bopping along when he tries to help her up, which means he drops her. Again.

A masterclass in how not to do it awaits you below:

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