Doctor credits new morning routine for reducing his biological age

Doctor credits new morning routine for reducing his biological age
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A doctor has claimed his morning routine has reduced his biological age by 20 years.

While biological age tests can be controversial, there is evidence to suggest healthy habits can add years to your life.

Dr Mark Hyman, 63, has a biological age of 43, and while he isn't against ageing, he believes there's a widespread belief that it comes with health problems (i.e. joint pain and chronic illnesses).

"People don't realize those problems occur with things that we can change, that are reversible. It's a treatable condition, as opposed to an inevitable decline," Hyman claimed to Insider.

Good nutrition and exercise are key, according to Dr Hyman, who delves into the science of ageing in his new book, Young Forever.

"Something to make things better decades down the road is kind of a hard sell. You're not just adding years to your life, you're adding life to your years," he added.

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Dr Hyman's day starts with meditation, coffee and writing. He then goes on to strength training with claims that "resistance training really transformed [his] body and health."

He said his workout routine is around 30 minutes, but his "happy place is about three hours of exercise a day."

Dr Hyman then finishes with a steam shower and cold plunge, staying in the 40-degree water for three minutes, before fuelling up with a "healthy ageing shake." He makes this with plant nutrients and healthy fats from ingredients like berries, chia seeds, and hemp seeds.

"The most important things are exercise, and a diet with healthy fats and plant foods," Hyman said. "No amount of supplements can replace those."

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