Dogs Trust shelter searches for home for its "biggest" dog ever
Dogs Trust shelter searches for home for its "biggest" dog ever

A Dogs Trust shelter is looking for a home for a dog which they claim is the “biggest dog we’ve ever had”.

Four-year-old mastiff Galahad weighs in at 100kg (approximately 15 stone, 7lbs), similar in weight to the average newborn elephant.

Harriet Blaskett, rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Canterbury, said: “Galahad is easily the biggest dog we’ve ever had here at Canterbury, and he’s looking for a big-hearted owner to match.

“He’s got no idea of his size at all and just loves human company so he needs an owner able to cope with the demands of such a big dog.”

Galahad with Rebecca Henson, Home From Home Co-ordinator at Dogs Trust Canterbury

Ms Blaskett said: “Galahad has had a lot of upheaval in his life so far, so can be a little unsure when he first goes somewhere, but once he’s comfortable he enjoys exploring his environment, sniffing (and knocking things over) as he goes.

“His amazing foster carers say he loves nothing more than lounging on a sofa of his own – he sleeps on a two-seater – and plodding around the garden.

“He has little respect for flower beds or hedges and chooses to walk through them, loves chewing toys, and spraying them with saliva with a flick of his head.”

Old English mastiffs are recognised by Guinness World Records as being the heaviest dog breed, with an old English mastiff named Zorba setting the record for heaviest dog in 1987, weighing 142 kg (22 stone, 3lbs).

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