Dominic Raab has not had a good morning. You know how it is, when you try and deny you ever said that thing that you said in writing, with your name on.

Speaking on the Today Programme on Radio 4on morning Tuesday morning, Nick Robinson questioned Raab about whether the Tories planned to privatise the NHS, to which he responded:

I can tell you categorically I've never advocated privatisation of the NHS.

An odd response, given he co-authored a pamphlet which literally called for more private providers in the NHS.

He tried to pass it off as no big deal, just something relating to "florists" and "coffee shops".

Is anyone seriously suggesting that the nurses, the doctors, the civil servants in the Department of Health should be running those services?

Yes, Raab, lefties literally want to make doctors and nurses work in Costa Coffee in local hospitals because why not.

Leaving aside that absurd claim, Robinson went on to confront him about his outburst:

The pamphlet talked about hospitals being run by private companies, not florists or coffee shops. It said hospitals. And your name was on it.

At that point he just flat-out denied this reality, saying it "certainly" wasn't "anything I wrote".

Thankfully, Twitter has dug the pamphlet out for us all to see for ourselves.

Perhaps Raab just has a short memory...

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