People are furious after unearthing this old conversation between Domino's and Kayleigh McEnany


People are trying to cancel Domino’s for an online conversation the brand had with White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany in 2012.

The conversation in question started when McEnany tweeted on 9 November 2012:

That same day, Domino’s then responded:

On Monday evening, author Rick Wilson quote-tweeted the pizza chain’s 2012 response to the press secretary and claimed they “just killed” their brand:

This calling out then resulted in a bunch of people saying they’re never eating Domino’s Pizza ever again.

While some people thought it was completely ridiculous:

Then the White House Press Secretary herself weighed in on the controversy.

Retweeting a whole host of people that agreed with her, they joked about her views on Pizza Hut and Taco Bell being next in the firing line.

Settling the score, she tweeted:

Back in 2012, McEnany did not hold the White House position she’s currently in. In fact, she was still in college but she was associated with the Republican Party.

The same year of her now infamous Domino’s tweet, she contributed to the conspiracy theory around Barack Obama’s birthplace with the tweet:

McEnany became White House Press Secretary on 7 April this year.

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