Donald Trump teased us this week by revealing he had given Theresa May a mystery suggestion to help smooth the Brexit process.

His grand plan that he said might have been too "brutal" for May to accept? Sue the EU. Why didn't we think of that? Oh yeah, because it makes zero sense.

Even May laughed as she revealed the US president's big idea on the Andrew Marr show, saying:

He told me I should sue the EU – sue the EU – not go into negotiations, sue them.

Actually no. We’re going into negotiations with them.

Many assumed that Trump has advised May to walk away from negotiations - a hard-line view, but one that pales in comparison to actually taking legal action against the EU.

This follows Trump appearing to criticise May's approach to Brexit in a shock interview with the Sun, which he apologised for in a joint press conference.

At first, there was just disbelief.

But soon enough there was a lot of face-palming going on too.

And, in some cases, head-desking.

People had questions. Why? How? Where?

Others just wanted out.

But pretty much no one was that surprised.

People pointed out that Trump may not be the best man to give advice.

Then the jokes started.

Maybe Trump just heard something the rest of us didn't.

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