This Fox News presenter's tweet has come back to haunt him


Twitter is one of the modern marvels of the digital age. The microblogging site allows us to connect with people and audiences around the globe, sharing our inner-most thoughts and ponderings.

However, a tweet you sent in jest or anger can come back to haunt you years later - nothing is ever truly deleted on the internet - so you have to be careful with your words.

Fox News presenter Sean Hannity found this out the hard way today.

In September 2013, he wrote:

Glad our arrogant Pres. is enjoying his taxpayer funded golf outing after announcing the US should take military action against Syria

He was of course talking about former president Obama.

Although, many are saying the same thing today, as regular golfer and current Comander in Chief Donald Trump orders an airstrike on Syria.

People, of course, noticed:

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