This Australian correspondent's news report just destroyed Donald Trump

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This Australian report about President Donald Trump at the G20 has gone viral for its ferocity.

We've also learnt that he has no desire and no capacity to lead the world.

Australian Broadcasting Company's Political Editor Chris Uhlmann said these words as he reported on the most recent G20 summit held in Hamburg 7-8 July.

His analysis of President Trump's performance at the summit continued in this scathing form.

Uhlmann began:

What we already knew is that the President of the United States has a particular skill set, that he's identified an illness in Western democracies, but he has no cure for it and seems intent on exploiting it – and we've also learned that he has no desire and no capacity to lead the world...He was an uneasy, lonely, awkward figure at this gathering.

He continued.

But it's the unscripted Trump that's real: a man who barks out vile in a 140 characters, who wastes his precious days as president at war with the West institutions like the judiciary, independent agencies and the free press.

In addition he took down the President's apparent vanity.

Donald Trump's a man that craves power because it burnishes his celebrity.

To be constantly talking and talked about is all that really matters and there is no value placed on the meaning of words, so what's said one day can be discarded the next.

Uhlmann criticised Trump for failing to find cohesion around issues such as North Korean aggression, particularly given that the US has abdicated leadership on the Paris Climate accords.

Donald Trump has pressed fast forward on the decline of the United States as a global leader...Some will cheer the decline of America, but I think we’ll miss it when it’s gone — and that’s the biggest threat to the values of the West, which he claims to hold so dear.

Commentators such as Amarnath Amarasingam shared the video and were retweeted tens of thousands of times.

Who is Chris Uhlmann?

Uhlmann has been the ABC network's Political Editor since 2015.

The political professors sharing his monologue ought to consider restricting their agreement to his remarks about the President.

In 2008 Ulhmann blamed a blackout in South Australia on the use of renewable energy, and has previously called Marxism an 'intellectual virus'.

For some, this could be considered that Uhlman's criticism of renewables, and his conservatism make him better placed to come after the President who was the nominee of America's conservative party.

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