Amal Clooney went to the UN to discuss genocide. This is how the tabloids reported it


Amal Clooney, the prominent human rights lawyer, spoke at a UN meeting in New York on Friday to urge world leaders not to let Isis "get way with genocide".

The wife of actor George Clooney, who represents victims of Isis rapes and kidnappings, said Isis' brutality was shocking - but so was the “passive” response by the world's nations to the campaign to investigate its crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice.

She urged Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to send a letter to the UN Security Council so it can vote to set up an investigation into crimes by the group in Iraq where Isis once controlled about 40 percent of the country's territory but is now being routed by government and coalition forces.

“Justice is what the victims want...” Clooney said...

But justice will be forever out of reach if we allow the evidence to disappear, if mass graves are not protected, if medical evidence is lost, if witnesses can no longer be traced.

So far, so badass.

This is how the Daily Mail reported it.

And the Mirror:

And the Sun:

What's the opposite of what a time to be alive?

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