This Donald Trump cartoon perfectly sums up how scary some of his supporters are


A lot has been written about how we get stuck in our own bubble on social media, only seeing people with similar views to you reverberating around the echo chamber.

And certainly for those on the left, it's often hard to understand how Donald Trump’s supporters can still defend him in the wake of shambolic press conferences, growing accusations of collusion with Russia, and embarrassing tweets.

For those that do defend America's President, cartoons like this give people on the left a little insight into how they see things:

The picture is by cartoonist Ben Garrison. Despite Trump filling his cabinet with billionaire CEOs, and including members of his own family as part of his political inner circle, his followers still see him as an outsider fighting against the status quo.

In a blog post accompanying the cartoon, Garrison writes:

During last year’s Presidential campaign I drew a ‘drain the swamp’ cartoon featuring Donald Trump pulling a big plug. Various characters were swirling down a swampy drain. It was a very popular cartoon and we sold quite a few signed prints. 

Now that Trump has been elected, I realise that the swamp is much vaster and deeper than the one I had earlier depicted. The ‘Deep State,’ or shadow government, features agencies that have been allowed to accrue way too much power and scope under little oversight. In other words, we allowed a monster to be created.

Here is another Garrison cartoon, just so you don't think it was a one-off:

(Having to label what everything is is never a good look for a cartoonist btw.)

One thing we can all agree on is that Donald Trump is a very persuasive guy. And when he speaks with such gusto and self-belief, the converted will continue to follow him.

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