Trump accused of misogyny after what he said to a female reporter on Monday

Donald Trump gave a speech in the White House Rose Garden about the new US/Mexico/Canada trade deal.

During the speech, which should have been a fairly mundane and ordinary occasion, Trump found a way to offend a female journalist who was in attendance.

Cecilia Vega, of ABC News, was called by Trump to ask a question but during the brief moment's pause where she stood up to ask her question, Trump commented with a laugh:

She’s shocked I called on her, she’s in a state of shock.

Vega responded with:

No, I’m not, thank you, Mr. President.

Trump then came back with:

I know you’re not thinking, you never do.

A startled Vega then says "I'm sorry" but Trump carries on with the press conference as if nothing happened.

Trump would wind up dismissing Vega's question which was about the FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh, as it wasn't about the trade deal.

That isn't the story here, as Trump's response to Vega has caused outrage online with the president being accused of misogyny.

Another bizarre moment involving a female reported came when he attempted to belittle Kaitlan Collins of CNN as he wagged his finger and told her "don't do that, that's not nice" after she also tried to ask a question about Kavanaugh.

Trump did later answer a few questions about Kavanaugh but was reticent to do so earlier in the press conference.

At the time of writing the only response that Vega has offered was to tweet "A news conference means you get to ask whatever question you want to ask #FirstAmendment" which Collins later quote retweeted.

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