President Donald Trump announced he’s going to sign an executive order to stop immigration in the hopes of protecting American jobs but people think he has other motivations.

Late on Monday night, the POTUS tweeted:

The White House has since declined to comment further on the tweet.

To date, the US has recorded almost 800,000 coronavirus cases and over 42,000 deaths.

Many are wondering why Trump has decided to implement this blanket ban now, when the spread of the virus has already devastated so many lives. While he claims it's to "protect jobs", people are understandably sceptical, given it's the global pandemic (not immigration) which is causing high rates of unemployment in the country.

Representative Don Bayer of Virginia believes it’s “xenophobic scapegoating”, tweeting:

Former presidential hopeful Kamala Harris also responded to the tweet and accused Trump of “shamelessly politicizing this pandemic”:

Fellow former presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar followed suit:

The reaction from the general public was equally as scathing, with many calling the move predictable but also stigmatising for immigrants:

Many thought he should be focussing his attention on the domestic spread of the virus:

While others couldn’t see the logic in Trump wanting to ease up on US lockdowns but tightening international borders:

The exact details of the executive order are unclear.

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