Angela Merkel had to explain how EU trade works to Donald Trump

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Leaked moments from the Chancellor of Germany's visit to the White House suggest the Chancellor had to explain how trade works to President Donald Trump.

The President who is 'going to make you so rich' and is 'so good at making deals' apparently had to be schooled in the basics by Angela Merkel.

The Sunday Times led with news that the US would be trading with the European Union before Britain in the 'queue' of trade deals which supposedly exists.

During the EU referendum campaign, a similar threat was made by then President Barack Obama, that the US would prefer to trade with a larger block of countries than with the UK.

Apparently in his talks with Merkel in March, President Trump did not realise he could not make a deal with Germany alone.

An official was quoted by the Times as saying:

Ten times Trump asked if he could negotiate a trade deal with Germany.

Everytime she replied 'You can't do a deal with Germany, only the EU.

On the eleventh refusal, Trump finally got the message.

According to the Times, Merkel told her cabinet that the president had 'very basic misunderstandings' of trade and the EU.

A 'source close to the White House' claims it was this interaction with Merkel that led the administration to focus on trading with the EU, ahead of the UK.

HT Business Insider, The Times

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