The author of the controversial book about the Trump administration, Michael Wolff, has said Donald Trump may be semi-literate, loves Haagen Dazs ice cream and that his daughter Ivanka may bring him down.

Mr Wolff was talking about his explosive book Fire and Fury, which the Trump administration tried to ban, at an event in London on Friday.

The author and journalist said he spent time with senior staff and Mr Trump in the White House after the president assumed office in January last year.

The White House, however, has rubbished the book saying it is inaccurate. The book also contains a disclaimer that acknowledges some of the accounts are in “conflict with one another.”

Donald Trump wants to be the most famous man in the world.

Wolff said that Donald Trump cannot conceive a world in which everybody is not talking about him. Recalling a conversation in the run up to the election, Mr Wolff said:

What’s your goal here? [To Donald Trump]

And he said, no hesitation - to be the most famous man in the world.

I think I may be the most famous man in the world, what do you think?

Donald Trump has a house in Beverly Hills.

As the interview was so short, the author said Mr Trump invited him to his “huge” house in Beverley Hills. He said:

Right on the corner of Sunset and Rodeo, another 30 million bucks.

Donald Trump loves Haagen Dazs ice cream

When he arrived at Beverly Hills house, Mr Wolff said Donald Trump offered him a snack and open the fridge. He said it was just filled with pints of Haagan Dazs ice cream. He said:

That’s all that’s there row, row, row, row.

And then he took one out and I said no I’m okay and he gave me one anyway.

So we went into this living room that’s filled with hotel lobby furniture and we ate from the tubs of ice cream for several hours, mean he didn’t stop honestly, three tubs at least.

He is like a "Sun God."

He cannot conceive of a world in which everybody is not talking about him, and he has achieved that.

It’s Sun God like, he is the centre of the world.

Donald Trump is an "idiot."

When asked by the interviewer if Mr Trump is an idiot, Mr Wolff responded:

He’s a total idiot, it’s extraordinary. Here is this body, this incredibly large body and there's not an iota of information in it. He just knows nothing.

He may be semi-literate

From his experience in the White House, Mr Wolff said there’s a lot of debate over the president's literacy. He said people ask:

Is he only semi-illiterate? People think this is a good possibility, is it just ADD gone crazy?

Or does he just feel, I’m Donald Trump, I don’t have to read.

He doesn’t listen either.”

'The daughter will bring down the father.'

During the interview, Mr Wolff also spoke about former strategist to Donald Trump and creator of right-wing site Breitbart News, Steve Bannon. He said:

Bannon’s point of view was that every decision that Jared and Ivanka got behind turned out to be a disastrous decision.

Jared and Ivanka , these people who don’t have one scintilla of relevant experience to this job, are suddenly the most important in the world. They go into the white house they have more power than everyone, their presence there will wholly disrupt any kind of management logic in the white house because they can basically overrule everybody

They are the two most entitled people on the earth and they act like the two most entitled people on earth.

The interviewer then went on to ask if Mr Wolff thinks the president may fire his daughter at some point. To which Mr Wolff replied:

I think that there’s a pretty good possibility that Jared will be indicted, the more direct questions is will Trump throw his son in law under the bus. And then the quirrelarly to that is will his son in law throw is father in law under the bus. And I think that the answer to both of those questions is yes.

Donald Trump loves to flatter people.

Mr Wolff said he was given a 45-minute interview with Mr Trump in Los Angeles and remembers him being quite funny and very flattering. But when the former businessman found out about the length of the interview, he said:

"You don’t give Michael Wolff 45 minutes, do you know who this is?" Mr Wolff said.

Mr Wolff said:

And then he launches into this thing, you know, he’s the biggest the greatest, the most incredible, I was sold.

He’ll sign anything put in front of him

Mr Wolff also alleged that the leader of the Republicans in the Senate - Mitch McConnell - thinks the president is a “fool,” but that “he’ll sign anything put in front of him.”

Will Trump survive his term?

The author warned that the next few months may be the bloodiest time of Mr Trump’s administration. And with the midterm election in November, a third of the US Senate will be up for re-election. He said:

My own speculation would be that the Special prosecutor who Trump will try to fire but I think we may have gone beyond that, even if he does fire that will provoke such a reaction that it will just hasten everything anyway.

But I think that in July, he returns a report which is a case for obstruction of justice and that’s handed to congress.

And the other side of it is that they hate him [Republicans], because he’s hateful, these are some especially in the Senate of the most self-important people on earth. And Trump calls them regularly and berates them and insults them and calls them names. They hate him.

At which point do they put the knife in? Which they’ll be perfectly willing to do.

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