An AI bot tried to rewrite Fire and Fury and it's very Trumpian

An AI bot tried to rewrite Fire and Fury and it's very Trumpian

By now, you've probably heard of Michael Wolff's controversial book about the Trump administration, Fire and Fury.

The book, titled in reference of the President's infamous North Korea quote, is set to become the fastest selling non-fiction book of all time for its portrayal of a White House on the brink of meltdown.

The book claims that Trump never wanted to be President of the United States and that Melania Trump wept on election night, because she didn't want him to win.

The popularity of Wolff's book exploded after Trump tweeted angrily about the allegations within.

Now, an AI bot has has attempted to rewrite the work using predictive keyboards. A team at Botnik, which previously focused on Harry Potter and Scrubs, let predictive keyboards loose on the exposé. So to be clear - it's kind of a human/machine collaboration.

But anyway, here's the end product.

Some of our favourite quotes include:

Jared Kushner was terrible at being Jared Kushner. At one point he thought 'Arby's' was called 'Gorsuch's House of Pasta Fries.' By law, Eric Trump was sworn to say, 'I don't know what is going on with the fish fingers or chocolate mint breast filet, but I love what they do to my shit.'

Then in early November, James Comey said, “One of Hillary Clinton’s restaurants in 1972 could have been a front for selling hot dogs to the press, but we have no facts.

As the Russia investigators seemed to be a problem for Donald, he told Priebus to get 50 more chocolaty-chip cookies shaped like the White House to try to create confusion over which was the one with the President in it.

It's just too bizarrely wonderful.

You can read the full extracts here.

People loved the 'bot':

Some demanded the whole thing be published:

Personally, we're also fans of the predictive Coachella lineup:

Can't wait for Glopoline and Beachfeel.

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