Trump Jr tried yet again to defend his dad on Fox News and it backfired spectacularly
Screengrab: FOX

An attempt by Donald Trump Jr. to defend his dad following his second impeachment trial has spectacularly backfired.

Former president Donald Trump avoided conviction by the US senate after the prosecution failed to get a two thirds majority, being 10 votes short.

Seven Republican senators were among the 57 who voted in favour of conviction.

While Trump Jr. said more would have been done to fight back against the allegations presented in the impeachment trial, had it not been a “kangaroo court”.

Speaking to Fox News, he said: “You’d have the Republicans clamouring to go after the supposed prosecution for literally manufacturing evidence.

“Imagine any prosecutor in America was caught manufacturing evidence against a witness. That would be a jailable offence. They would be disbarred, they’d be thrown out of their positions, they’d be impeached. That’s what should happen here.”

He continued: “When they’re manufacturing, putting up fake blue check marks, altering tweets, doing all of these things for effect because they know they have a media that will cover and run with anything they say.”

Trump Jr.’s appearance on Fox News was met with ridicule, with some viewers suggesting his words were dripping with hypocrisy given some of his father’s actions throughout his presidency.

Others claimed he had contributed nothing to the conversation, and argued how relevant the former president’s son actually was now.

During the rest of his appearance on Fox News, Trump Jr. insisted his father would “keep pushing that America First agenda” while “fighting for the American worker”.

He added the Republican Party was going to “continue doing to conservatism” as what Trump had done, and “bring it back from the dead, back into real life with people who love this country”.

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