Donald Trump supporters conflicted over $355 million GoFundMe page

Donald Trump supporters conflicted over $355 million GoFundMe page
Former US president Donald Trump ordered to pay nearly $355 million penalty …
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A Donald Trump supporter has set up a $355 million (£281m) GoFundMe page after a judge ordered Trump and associates to pay up in a lengthy fraud case.

Back in September, Judge Arthur Engoron issued a partial judgment after finding Trump to be liable for fraud, accusing the former president of inflating the value of his properties and other assets.

Now, Trump has been ordered to cough up the funds, with Judge Engoron also banning him from serving as a company director or taking out loans from banks in the state for the next three years.

"A crooked New York state judge just ruled I have to pay a fine for $355m for having built a perfect company," Trump said from Mar-a-Lago on Friday (16 February). "It's a very sad day for - in my opinion - the country."

Now, one Trump supporter has responded by setting up a GoFundMe in an attempt to foot the bill.

Titled, "Stand with Trump; Fund the $355M Unjust Judgment," the campaign was set up by Elena Cardone, the wife of private equity manager Grant Cardone.

"Give something & DEMONSTRATE that the people of America are standing together against unjust rulings like this where a bias judges & corrupt legal system is out of control," she wrote.

The highest donation comes in at $2,500 (at the time of writing), with many more in the hundreds. It has currently raised over $44,000 (£36,000).

Despite their efforts, many MAGA activists are fighting amongst themselves and encouraging people to stop.

Laura Loomer, previously banned from social media after describing herself as a 'proud Islamophobe' claimed: "GoFundMe is anti-Trump and liberal."

"GoFundMe is notorious for banning conservative campaigns. I have been banned from GoFundMe since 2018," she continued.

Many more MAGA activists urged the creator to change the crowdfunding platform.

The campaign left understandably left other X/Twitter users stunned, with one writing: "Homie has a commercial-sized private jet and 17 golf courses. Y'all need to stop this nonsense."

Another hit back: "You are just as sick as he is if you think you need to beg pensioners for money to support a criminal."

A third initially thought the GoFundMe was a "joke," given the absurdity of it.

"Sadly it isn’t," they continued. "MAGA is sending their hard-earned money to a multi-billionaire. Nah, not a cult."

Indy100 reached out to GoFundMe for comment

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