Donald Trump is still struggling to spell 'heal' and Twitter is mercilessly mocking him

Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

On Friday, the President of the United States fell into an all too familiar embarrassing typo trap.

Donald Trump tweeted to his 37 million followers that after being ravaged by Hurricane Harvey, the people of Texas were "heeling [sp] fast thanks to all of the great men & women who have been working so hard".

Many Twitter users were quick to notice the President had once again spelled 'healing' as 'heeling', a mistake he's made a number of times previously, and proceeded to mercilessly mock the Tweeter in Chief.

He's struggled with the word 'heal' before, and was caught out tweeting and deleting the mistake repeatedly in August.

It was captured and shared by CBS' Senior News Editor Stefan Becket.

A collection of POTUS' errors were also compiled by AJ Joshi.

After discussing the update on the on-going crisis in Texas, Mr Trump returned to one of his favourite topics of conversation, the alleged Washington swamp he claims he's 'draining'.

He alleged that James Comey had exonerated the Democratic Party's 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton "long before the investigation was over.... and so much more".

Adding that the system was "rigged".

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