Trump supporters want to impeach Hillary Clinton even though she's not president

Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube screengrab

Entering her 300th day in office, the 'Nothing Burger' scandal continues to mire the first female US President in controversy, and Congress are said to be considering articles of impeachment against President Clinton II.

After the resignation of the disgraced Vice President Kaine, and the subsequent resignation of his replacement Vice President Comey, the public are calling for Hillary's departure.

Oh wait.

That is not our reality, but to some supporters of President Donald Trump, it is disturbingly close to how they see the world.

In a segment for the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Trump supporters were asked if Congress should act now to remove Hillary Clinton from office.

Mrs Clinton is a former First Lady, former Senator, and a former Secretary-of-State. These are the only jobs she has ever held for which Congress is empowered to remove her from office.

Impeachment is about removing a government official from office, for crimes committed while they were in office.

Hillary Clinton is subject to a potential investigation by the Department of Justice, but even if found guilty of monstrous crimes against America, there would be no office from which she could be removed by Congress.

These Trump supporters appear to think Hillary Clinton is still somehow involved in running the government, and should be removed.

One chap did flag that Hillary was not even in office. Bravo sir.

Meanwhile, on the floor of the US House of Representative, members of congress have submitted five articles of impeachment against the actual President Donald Trump.

HT Newsweek

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