Donald Trump Jr is now selling tasteless ‘Alec Baldwin Kills People’ t-shirts

Donald Trump Jr is now selling tasteless ‘Alec Baldwin Kills People’ t-shirts
Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. has decided to make a quick buck off the tragic accidental shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, and we think it could be a new low.

The former president’s son has listed a t-shirt that reads, ‘Guns Don’t Kill People, Alec Baldwin Kills People’ for $27.99 on his official website. He also posted a photoshopped image of Baldwin wearing one of the shirts.

Baldwin has said he is heartbroken over Hutchins’ death, which, according to official documents, occurred after the actor was accidentally fired gun at the camera - which he was told was unloaded. No one has been charged in the incident on the Rust set at Bonanza Creek Ranch.

Unfortunately, Don Jr. is not the only Republican mouthpiece who has mocked the tragedy.

CNN host Jake Tapper has accused Republican politicians of exploiting the incident via a series of cruel Twitter jokes.

Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert tagged Baldwin in a tweet, mocking a tweet the actor had made about the 2014 shooting death of Michael Brown. Despite receiving immediate backlash, Boebert doubled down.

“The Colorado congresswoman thought it was funny to exploit ‘hands up, don’t shoot,’ to make a joke at the expense of Baldwin,” Tapper said. “But more importantly, really to make a joke at the expense of Halyna Hutchins and her husband Matthew and their son Andros.”

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Senate candidate J.D. Vance tweeted directly at Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, asking that Trump’s account be reinstated specifically for commentary on the incident.

“Vance seems to want Trump to attack and mock for a global audience Alec Baldwin for killing a woman in what almost certainly was a tragic accident,” Tapper said. “Regardless of the pain of Matthew Hutchins or Andros Hutchins. And however this impacts Baldwin, and really, I mean, how might such an incident impact you? And he did this, J.D. Vance, why?”

Baldwin was spotted hugging Matthew in Santa Fe on Saturday. Hutchins’ father said over the weekend that he does not blame the actor for her death.

Another vigil for Hutchins is set to take place Sunday, October 31st, from 6pm to 7.30pm at the IATSE Local 80 headquarters in Burbank. 

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