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Donald Trump Jr is known for his nuance or humility, which is why it always feels so disingenuous when he tries to take credit for stuff which he has no right too.

On Monday, the president's eldest son shared a selfie that a fan had taken with Trump Jr on a flight from Las Vegas, Nevada to Phoenix, Arizona where he was flying in the regular old "coach" class and not first-class, as you would presume.

We suppose some people think first-class isn't all it's cracked up to be, and most people have flown economy class. It's really not a big deal but to Trump Jr, it obviously is as in an Instagram post he appeared keen to take credit for his choice of travel, claiming that he is "not an elitist."

He wrote:

I am not an elitist. Never have been never wanted to be and certainly never tried to get on the BS rubber chicken dinner circuit. I like fishing, hunting, red meat, trucks and guns. And yes, I usually fly coach, but preferably not Intโ€™l middle seat! God has blessed my family beyond measure. We all have to be good stewards of the blessings God gives us. My family wants to serve this country with the blessings God has given us. We love America and want to serve the American people. We do this all for you. America, we will fight for you. And we are winning. And if you see me in coach, be sure to ask for a selfie!

Alright "John Q. Public," way to stick it to 'the elite' by doing something that literally millions of people do everyday but you keep doing you.

Trump Jr's bizarre boast soon made it's way on to Twitter where people were a little confused as to what he was trying to take credit for what is a relatively short flight.

It should also be noted that Trump Jr was reportedly flying on Southwest Airlines, a low-cost company that doesn't offer a first-class option to its customers, so he had no choice but to fly in coach.

Trump Jr has since shared a tweet which compared his flight to one taken of 'socialist' Bernie Sanders who was pictured in first class.

This is hardly the first time that Trump Jr has bragged about flying in coach. Back in July 2012, during a Twitter interaction, he was asked if he chooses to fly coach and said that he "can't lead by example" if he flew in first-class and doesn't like to "piss away money."

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