Trump Jr may have just hinted he's running for president in 2024 and people are roasting him

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With a little more than two years until the next US presidential campaign, it was only a matter of time until at least one of the Trump children hinted at possibly replacing their father as leader of the free world.

And it seems like Donald Trump Jr might have beat Ivanka to it, after posting a suspicious Instagram story yesterday, which could be suggesting that he, at least, has his eyes on the presidency in 2024 (only after his father serves his second term of course...).

Responding to a question by one of his followers, which asked: "what republican would you like to see running for president in 2024?", the business mogul simply posted a worrying dubious eye emoji.

While the emoji was hardly confirmation that he would be running in 2024, it was still the first time Trump's oldest son ever acknowledged such an idea.

But as a man who made many enemies after appearing to have joked about Native American genocide, and who compared immigrants to animals, there is no doubt that the Internet had their fair share of opinions, taking to Twitter to roast him...yet again.

Whatever Trump Jr decides to do, the possibility of it ever happening is still comic gold. At least we can expect a great set of airbrushed, picture-perfect but also kind of creepy robotic campaign pictures.

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