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In the latest installment of Donald Trump Jr being bad at Twitter, the president's son has attempted to support the border wall with a statistic on murders.

In his profound wisdom, Trump Jr cited the murder rates in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juárez in 2017, where more than 700 people lost their lives at the hands of others.

Juárez borders the city of El Paso in Texas, which in the same year only experienced 19 deaths, according to Trump Jr.

Stats release by the El Paso police department state that 20 murders occured in the city in 2017, which increased to 23 in 2018, as per KFOX14.

Trump Jr's logical answer for the contrast in figures was simple; it was because there is a wall (or we should say large fence) seperating the two cities.

The rheotoric that Trump Jr is trying to convey here is simple. As there is a border wall in El Paso, it keeps out Mexican migrants, who he has deemed to be murderers.

Therefore, if there was a wall across the entire US/Mexico border then the murder rate in the entire US would fall dramatically, right? Well, no.

People soon began to inform Trump Jr, that not only was his logic completely flawed but that America is an inherently dangerous place, with or without a border wall.

Others pointed out that the wall didn't make a huge difference to El Paso, which was one of the most peaceful citities in the US, even without the wall, which was only built in 2008.

Most were just confused with the phrasing 'because wall work'.

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