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A recent reddit post claimed that Donald Trump is on pace to tell 52 times as many Politifact "Pants on Fire!" Lies as Obama did by the end of his Presidency.

This is incorrect, strictly speaking. Donald Trump has amassed 67 "Pants on Fire!" claims on the Pulitzer-Prize winning factchecker's website.

However, only five of these have occurred since the start of his Presidency - so it's misleading to say he'll tell 52 times as many overt lies in his Presidency.

Obama told a total of seven in his presidency (out of nine on the website), with five occurring in his first term.

So, Donald Trump's still outpacing him.

At his current rate he'll tell 7 times as many lies in his first term, compared to Obama's. If he serves two full terms, he'll have outpaced him tenfold.

He's on pace to finish his first term having told 35 (to Obama's five), and his second term with 70 (to Obama's nine).

Here's a rough projection of his current rate.

So there you are - Donald Trump is, according to Politifact, only ten times the liar Obama was.

Of course, Politifact are human fact checkers with only so much time to record every utterance. We should also note that some will dismiss their analysis as partisan and fake news, because it criticises Donald Trump's serial lies frequently.

Which bodes well.

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