The big problem with Donald Trump’s new adviser - in one tweet
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The job of Donald Trump’s national security adviser has been offered to a man who apparently doesn't know the difference between Islam and radical Islamism.

Michael Flynn is a former military intelligence chief, and was a top adviser to Trump throughout his presidential campaign.

But the man who will potentially be working in the White House to help shape foreign, intelligence and military policy has divisive views on Islam that he has been more than happy to share.

As writer Hend Amry pointed out:

This is the original tweet and video Flynn retweeted:

The video’s narrator says:

The term Islamophobia is an oxymoron since having a phobia means having an irrational fear. Fearing Islam, which wants 80 per cent of humanity enslaved or exterminated, is totally rational.

This isn’t the only time Flynn has aired his views on Islam. According to an Al Jazeera transcript, he said he was "at war with Islam", which he referred to as a "political ideology" based on a religion.

Flynn, the man who will be dealing with highly classified information, also shared a false story about Hillary Clinton:

The Trump nightmare continues, unfortunately.

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