Donald Trump has waded into the Afghanistan crisis with his latest comments - but it looks like the former president needs to brush up on his history.

The dire situation in Afghanistan, after the Taliban took control of the country’s capital Kabul, has shown distressing scenes of Afghans desperately trying to flee the country in the overcrowded airport.

Inevitably the crisis has started a blame game between the leaders involved, with Trump being rightly named as one of those responsible for the lead up to the events that unfolded by earlier suggesting US troops were not being taken out of Afghanistan quick enough by the Biden administration, The Hill reported.

During a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity, he even praised the Taliban for being “good fighters” but now Trump has released a statement to which he attempts to shift the blame.

In his cryptic press statement on Tuesday, instead of going into detail about the complexities of the situation, he attempts to summarise his thoughts in just six words: “This could be—Afghanistan—another Dunkirk.”

If you look past the dodgy syntax, he appears to be worried that Afghanistan will be another Dunkirk - in reference to the Battle of Dunkirk during World War II in 1940 that ended up being a massive rescue operation.

Perhaps, Trump is calling on countries to complete a similar rescue mission to Dunkirk and save thousands of Afghans? We’re thinking probably not.

It seems more likely that the 45th president has failed to pick up a history book to learn that 198,000 British and 140,000 French troops were saved at Dunkirk - 380,000 soldiers altogether, according to History.

Though people on Twitter were quick to highlight Trump’s mistake and duly mock him for it by taking it upon themselves to give him a history lesson.

Meanwhile, during his Fox News interview with Sean Hannity, Trump blamed former president George W Bush for the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan and described it as the “worst decision in the history of our country.”

“Think of it, we took this horrible place, it was the worst decision to go into the Middle East, I know the Bush family will not be happy but I believe it was the worst decision in the history of our country when we decided to go into the Middle East,” he said.

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