Trump claimed that he had a 'natural instinct for science' - and the internet responded perfectly

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Trump has done it again. This time, he's claimed that he has a 'natural instinct for science', and of course the internet has gone into meltdown.

Speaking at the Oval Office on Tuesday in a wide-ranging interview with the Associated Press, the president was asked about his thoughts on climate change, following a worrying interview with journalist Lesley Stahl​ on 60 Minutes just a few days before, during which he claimed climate change can 'change back'.

POTUS was asked in particular about a not-very-rosy recent report by The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which states that by 2030, the world's temperature will raise by 1.5 Celsius, resulting in extreme drought, wildfires, floods, and food shortages for hundreds of millions of people.

What does the Donald think about this?

You have scientists on both sides of it. My uncle was a great professor at MIT for many years, Dr. John Trump.

And I didn’t talk to him about this particular subject, but I have a natural instinct for science, and I will say that you have scientists on both sides of the picture.

OK, so that's like, completely reassuring...

Just to top it off, he also added that, yes, he does believe that the climate is changing, but that it also 'goes back and forth, back and forth'.

Needless to say, the internet had a few thoughts on the bizarre claim.

Many pointed out that 'science' and 'instinct' are two very different things.

Others pointed out it's down right ludicrous.

Perhaps 'natural instincts' are all he's capable of...

Or a 'natural instinct' for things other than science...

The prime minster of Australia also got involved.

Others pointed out that Trump sure exhibited that 'natural instinct' when he stared literally directly into the sun during an eclipse...

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