5 of the most outrageous things Trump said and did at last night's Nevada rally

5 of the most outrageous things Trump said and did at last night's Nevada rally

Last night Donald Trump held a controversial indoor rally in Nevada, a state where gatherings inside can’t have more than 50 people in attendance.

Of course there were more than 50 people who showed up to see Trump ramble about conspiracy theories and his great handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

And boy did he deliver; here’s five of The Donald’s most outrageous moments at his latest stop on the campaign trail.

1. When he said he’d go for an extra eight years in the White House

It’s not the first time Trump's wheeled out this particular opening gambit – suggesting he and his administration will break federal law by serving two more terms on top of his existing one.

“In 51 days from now we’re going to win Nevada and we’re going to win four more years in the White House,” he said. “And after we win four more years, maybe we’ll ask for another four or so”.

Please god, no.

2. When he mimicked Latinx people

Ever respectful of others, Trump mimicked Latinx individuals and the different names used to refer to their community.

“Some say ‘Call us Latino’,” he said, affecting a faux-Hispanic accent. “Others say ‘Call us Hispanic’. Others say ‘Call us whatever the hell we want, we love you’.”

Ironically, the president was backed with a visible ‘Latinos for Trump’ sign as he made this pronouncement so it appears his offensiveness hasn’t scared everyone off.

3. When he demanded people go to prison for burning the US flag

Savvy new idea for increasing the prison population – send people to jail for burning the US flag (something that doesn’t happen that often anyway).

Trump announced he “would love to see” people go to jail for one year if they’re caught burning the flag.

The crowd erupted and began chanting “USA” so he clearly knows his audience.

4. When he seemed to endorse ‘extra-judicial’ killings

Trump held forth on the shooting of Michael Reinhoel, the murder suspect who was shot by US Marshals this month in what’s been described asn “extra-judicial killing”.

Reinhoel was reportedly fleeing and shot without warning after being suspected of the murder of a far-right protestor during demonstrations in Portland. Trump appeared to praise the action of the federal agents, saying:

As you know in Portland the other day, we had to send in the US Marshals. A guy who was a bad guy shot somebody in the middle of the street. 

Two and a half days, nothing happened, I said ‘What’s going on?’. We sent in the US Marshals, it was taken care of in 15 minutes. 


5. When he lied about the coronavirus death toll in the US

Since the revelation that Trump allegedly knew – and downplayed – just how deadly coronavirus was, he’s been desperately trying to assert just how good his pandemic response was.

Which apparently means forgetting the actual death toll in the US.

Speaking about locking down the nation, Trump said:

We closed it. We saved millions of lives. If we wouldn’t have closed it, we would have been talking 2.5m or 3m, far too much. 

Think about it, we’re at 180,000, other countries are doing terribly. 

Did you see the statistics of us compared to other countries, compared to Europe? 

We have done an incredible job, we get absolutely no credit for the job we’ve done. 

And I don’t want it for myself, I want it for the admirals and the generals and Mike Pence. 

The real recorded death toll is 198,520. Bit of a difference. No wonder he doesn't want the credit for it.

What will the man cook up next?

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