Here are some of President-elect Donald Trump's worst tweets ever

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Last year, indy100 published a list of President-elect Donald Trump's worst ever tweets. Some reports suggest he was banned by his staff from tweeting in the run up to the elections.

Lest we forget, Hillary Clinton was criticised, villified, investigated and rejected on the basis of a so-called "email scandal". Because she used her work server for personal emails and vice versa.

She was scrutinised by the FBI because a former congressman and estranged husband of one of her aids was sexting a 15-year-old girl.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, confessed to sexual assault on tape, has been accused of sexual assault by several women, and boasted that his avoidance of paying taxes proves he's a smart businessman.

He used his personal Twitter like a campaign megaphone, which he will no doubt continue to do so - complete with celebrity feuds and appallingly bad grammar.

Highlights include this tragically ironic (and vaguely incoherent) series on President Barack Obama:

...Some of his offensive, racist and just factually idiotic 'birtherism' diatribe against Obama:

...Some shameless and mindblowing hypocrisy:

Before winning the election, he also consistentlyclaimed that the US elections are rigged (I wonder if he'll reform the electoral system now?)

He's also expressed some fascinatingly blatant sexism:

...Some inapproriate, insensitive and frankly idiotic views on sexual assault in the military:

...Some racially charged crime statistics - that turned out to be completely inaccurate and from a "Crime Statistics Burea" that does not exist:

...Some poorly thought out policy suggestions that discount basic economics:

...Some thoughts on global warming and climate change that are just plain wrong:

...Astonishing arrogance:

...Some shocking suggestions on how the US should reward its aid workers:

...And last, but not least, this painfully foreboding prediction:

The New York Times also compiled this brilliant, exhaustive list of all the nearly 300 people, places and things that Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter.

Not offended, by the way. Directly insulted.

Ladies and gentleman of the US, your new President.

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