Four things Donald Trump's tweets might be distracting you from

Four things Donald Trump's tweets might be distracting you from

The internet is swamped with Donald Trump these days. News, non-news and, the internet’s favourite – tweets.

We can’t get enough of Trump’s tweets. In fact, the only news from the US seems to be coming from Trump’s tweets.

And no wonder, really. Here are just a few of his brain farts from the past few days:

So here's some other things going on in the US that you might have missed:

1. Trump's win has increased hate crime

Since Trump’s victory, nine out of 10 educators across the US said the election has negatively impacted students' behaviour and mood. Four in 10 reported hearing derogatory language used against students of colour, Muslims, immigrants and other students based on gender or sexual orientation, according to an online survey.

2. From later this month, Texas will require aborted foetuses to be buried or cremated.

The move, which has been criticised by abortion rights groups, could push up the price of abortions.

3. Trump’s appointments will form the richest administration in modern American history.

The Washington Post writes:

His announced nominees for top positions include several multimillionaires, an heir to a family mega-fortune and two Forbes-certified billionaires.

Many of the Trump appointees were born wealthy, attended elite schools and went on to amass even larger fortunes as adults. As a group, they have much more experience funding political candidates than they do running government agencies.

4. A judge in Texas has ruled to halt an overtime rule that was supposed to take effect today.

The rule would have made overtime pay available to more than four million workers, but was challenged by business groups and a collection of states in court.

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