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A Donald Trump supporter has been roundly mocked on Twitter for his take on socialism with regards to a supermarket, that he deemed to be lacking in variety, which he visited in Cuba.

Benny Johnson, who is the chief creative officer for the conservative student activism group Turning Point, tweeted the following along with a series of pictures of the store to illustrate the point:

I just returned from Cuba. What would your supermarket would look like on socialism? This is the fanciest 'supermarket' in Havana.

Notice anything odd? Aisles are filled with goods having NO VARIETY AT ALL. No competition No choice No hope.

He concluded by expressing the hope that the tweet would be shared far and wide in the hope that it would be noticed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders.

Obviously, Cuba is a country that still infamously adopts a communist political system which has put them at odds with the other major countries around the globe, with the United States currently imposing a trade embargo which was first imposed in 1958.

Cuba politics might prevent the country from obtaining a variety of goods but it would hardly be the case for other nations and even so, supermarkets these days aren't exactly brimming with choices for customers.

People had some thoughts on Johnson's tweet and they were mostly negative and derivative of the message he was trying to promote.

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