Mini statues of Donald Trump inviting dogs to urinate on them have appeared in Brooklyn

Porcupine Armadillo

It wasn't so long ago that we were talking about the Trump 'pee tape' and whether it was real or not.

If it does prove to be fiction, we can sleep soundly knowing that at least dogs once got the change to urinate on the head of the president.

This is thanks to a series of miniature Trump statues that have popped up in Brooklyn, New York, encouraging our canine friends to relieve themselves on a bust of the president.

These have been created by local artist Phil Gable and his branded content studio Porcupine Armadillo, who began distributing the busts on a small piece of astroturf on Friday.

You don't have to put two and two together to realise that this is a small and light-hearted protest against Trump. Gable told the Gothamist:

It was largely just a personal expression of my own disdain for Donald Trump, both as a President and a human being.

I find it cathartic anytime I can express disdain through comedy, especially if it’s related to politics.

And this case, it's both funny and useful, which makes me happy. I know this isn’t a grand gesture of protest.

He’s not going to hear about dogs peeing on a tiny statue of him and just say “That’s it. Now, I’m stepping down.” But everybody has their own way of dealing with things.

In addition, he told VICEthat the statues have been received with positivity from the Brooklyn residents and he has intentions of expanding the operation to just over the water in Manhattan.

It's not been revealed how many busts have been spotted in Brooklyn, but the one that was photographed on 7th and Union on Friday was gone within a few hours, as it was not fixed to the ground. Gable has since confirmed that the new versions will be "physically secured in place."

Not only are they a way to have a small bit of fun at Trump's expense they are also a public service. Gable adds:

It was partly a public service. As a dog owner, I know people get understandably annoyed when dogs pee on their flower beds.

But a dog’s instinct to pee where another dog has previously peed is quite strong.

They need positive places to pee. If you reward them enough for peeing in appropriate places, that’s the best way to keep them from peeing in places that annoy people.

So I sprayed the whole thing down with a dog potty-training aid to make it attractive to initial users. I think we’ll have critical mass very soon.

So, there you. A way to get one over on the president and also stop your dogs from getting in trouble. What more could you ask for?

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