This weekend the leaders of the G7 countries met in Sicily.

High on the agenda was counter-terrorism, given greater significance due to the Manchester terror attack in which 22 people were killed.

In the days following the attack UK, police and others announced their displeasure that American intelligence services had leaked details of the attack to US and online media.

They temporarily ceased the sharing of such intelligence with US counterparts.

Some even accused them of endangering the ongoing investigation into the possible co-conspirators of the suicide bomber, Salman Abedi.

On Friday, the Sun reported Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump had spoken about the matter at an informal meeting in the grounds of the San Domenico Palace Hotel.

According to the Sun, May 'pushed' for the US President to take action to stop the information leaks.

The fact that the government intended to raise this issue was made public before the summit.

Such informal meetings, often leader to leader without the presence of political aides, are one of the more valuable parts of formal summit meetings between world leaders.

Discretion is key to their success.

On Sunday, Donald Trump tweeted that May was in fact 'very angry' about the intelligence leaks, and that she had given him personally 'full details'.

If Trump was referring to something said here, or at the meeting that wasn't made public, he doesn't seem to have taken her message to heart.

That's if Theresa May even was 'very angry'.

The Twitter President took to the internet to leak how annoyed he claimed a fellow leader was at his country for leaking something.

*Slow clap*

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