Trump trolled with this resurfaced tweet from 2014 about 'winners and losers'

Trump trolled with this resurfaced tweet from 2014 about 'winners and losers'

You know the saying: there’s a Donald Trump tweet for every occasion.

Ok, maybe it’s not a canonical adage but after four years in the White House, it’s been proved pretty accurate.

And now Trump is once again being haunted by his own words, which have come back round to bite him.

Savvy social media users have dug up an old Trump tweet that holds forth on the qualities of what separates “winners” from “losers”.

Posted in 2014, the tweet reads:

What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.


But in light of Trump’s reaction to falling behind in the ongoing election, people have started trolling the president with his own tweet.

Many think that throwing around accusations of voter fraud with no evidence and insisting that he’s ‘won’ the election if you don’t count all the people voting for Joe Biden, is not exactly a smart reaction to new twists of fate.

And they’re letting him know.

He got the “This you?” treatment.

Others observed that the sentiment had not “aged well”.

Some took the moment to expand on Trump’s original piece of wisdom.

It marked a rare moment of agreement, even for Trump’s opponents.

Now, are there any old Trump tweets about what happens if you lose Nevada, Georgia and Arizona?

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