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You may have noticed that Donald Trump likes to tweet.... A lot.

The US President has a unique relationship with the social media website, and depending on your political outlook it can be insightful, amusing or terrifying.

Just this week he took to the platform to blame Congress for America's deteriorating relationship with Russia and it's failure to deliver his vision of healthcare to the nation.

Last week Trump criticised the Chinese government for failing to intervene as tensions between the US and North Korea heighten.

Seeing these sort of outbursts from a world leader on a public forum is very worrying, but there might be something even more concerning at play, which we haven't noticed.

A post on the image sharing site Imgur has looked at data obtained on the Trump Twitter Archive; User Sunmann analysed how often the President has tweeted since he arrived at the White House on January 20.

As you can clearly see from this graph, Trump has been tweeting more and more even since his Presidency began.

There were brief dips in March and May, but things have really escalated in recent months as more and more scandals have rocked his administration.

That might not be too surprising as we all know Trump loves his Twitter rants, but things become more interesting when you begin to break his unique tweets and retweets down hour-by-hour.

Picture: Picture: Imgur/Screengrab

This shows us that Trump predominantly tweets between 6am and 8am, presumably when he is just waking up, with the hour of 7am proving to be the most popular.

Once again, nothing too irregular as he probably wakes up with a lot on his mind - but compared to the rest of the day that is peak time for Trump activity.

Picture: Picture: Imgur/Screengrab

Now look at this graph, which not only details the hours in which Trump tweets but also breaks them down by month.

Pay close attention to the early hours of the day in July.

Most other months Trump has barely ever tweeted at those times, but in July he was more active than ever in the small hours.

It should be pointed out that Trump spent a lot of time in Europe around this period and his body clock may have been operating around a different time zone.

However, it is still interesting that he thought that the American people should want to see this tweet at 2:40am US time.

When he was on American soil though, his posts were still very early.

His reaction to his son, Donald Trump Jr's appearance on Fox News after he shared emails between him and a Russian source was posted at 5:19am.

The final graph in this investigation shows the dramatic increase in Trump tweets in the mornings which has rapidly shot up between April and July,

Picture: Picture: Imgur/Screengrab

It appears that his daily announcements to the world are becoming earlier and earlier.

With the number of leaks, failed policies and scandals rocking the White House, it's not hard to imagine Mr Trump is experiencing a few sleepless nights.

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