13 ridiculous things that have happened in the 13 days since Donald Trump was elected

When Donald Trump won the US election, many were horrified, dumbstruck, Googling nuclear shelters and predicting the End of Days.

But out of all the panic emerged one particularly widespread strand of comment, which insisted:

  • OK, this is bad, but this isn't as bad as you think it is
  • He didn't mean most of it and he won't be able to do any of it, anyway
  • He'll be surrounded with people who will temper his more radical ideas
  • Calm down, dear

It's worth noting that members of this school of thought were almost invariably privileged white people, whose communities were never personally attacked by Trump's vitriolic rhetoric. But we digress.

Let's take a look at just 13 unbelievable things that have happened in the 13 days of Trump's Brave New World:

1. Plans were revealed to force Muslim immigrants to sign a registry, with a Trump supporter even citing Japanese internment camps as precedent

2. Steve Bannon, former editor of hard-right-wing news website Breitbart, appointed as chief strategist

3. Vice President Mike Pence was accused of his own 'email scandal', and is going to court trying to hide them

Mr Pence questioned whether the Broadway show was the right venue for a political speech, but he did not ask for an apology

4. Congressman Mike Pompeo - member of the Tea Party (remember them?) - is appointed as CIA director

5. Jeff Sessions is appointed as Attorney General; a man deemed "too racist" to be a federal judge

6. Lieutenant General Michael Flynn is appointed National Security Adviser, a man who claims that Islamophobia is rational

7. Trump claimed he blocked Ford's plans to move a car plant to Mexico, and was found to be lying

8. Trump tweets 'Electoral college is actually genius' after an anti-electoral tirade in 2012, when he tweeted: 'Electoral college is a disaster for a democracy...He lost the ppular vote by a lot and wont the election. We should have a revolution in this country!'

9. Hillary Clinton was found to have actually won popular vote by more than a million

10. Completely debunked rumours emerge that Trump actually born in Pakistan, and was Muslim

11. Trump says his Vice President-elect Mike Pence was ‘harrassed’ at Broadway show Hamilton after a polite and welcoming speech from a cast member

12. Trump says Nigel Farage would be a great UK ambassador to the US. Downing Street says there is no vacancy.

13. Trump calls for US TV shows to give equal time to making fun of all presidential candidates, erm, after he wins the vote.

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