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The world continues to reel as we absorb the fact that the President-elect of the US is actually Donald Trump.

His election might be particularly galling to those of Muslim, black or Hispanic heritage, those with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ communities, or indeed any survivors of sexual assault, given the nature of Trump's rhetoric - and his own personal actions.

Hate speech is becoming increasingly normalised in both common discussion and political/media discourse. Racially, xenophobically or homophobically-motivated crime is rapidly on the rise... nobody knows what will happen next, and fear levels are high.

One teacher decided to tackle the fear head on, posting this amazing sign on his door:

The picture, which has gone viral on Twitter, appears to pay homage to this sign, held by an anti-Trump protestor in LA last week.

Let's summarise just a few particularly memorable Trump actions against certain communities:


African Americans:

Hispanic / Latinos:



  • This.

That's to say absolutely nothing of Trump's...

  • Rampant anti-Semitism (despite his own daughter's conversion to Judaism)

  • Insults towards Native Americans

  • Ongoing and corrosively misogynistic actions against women

  • Offensively sexist rhetoric against women

  • Inadvertent admittance of sexual assault

  • Direct insults towards nearly 300 people on Twitter

  • Indirect offence against millions

We're going to need a few more heartwarming signs before we can process that.

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