Trump called James Comey and ex-deputy 'lowlifes' - and everyone is making the same point

Greg Evans
Saturday 14 April 2018 09:45

On Friday night, Donald Trump launched an unprecedented attack on former FBI directors James Comey and Andrew McCabe following the publication of a highly critical report.

The report from the Department of Justice which was delivered to politicians stated that McCabe, who had served under the Trump administration until last month, reportedly lied when being interviewed by investigators.

Upon hearing that McCabe had potentially lied during the investigations, Trump leapt on the chance to criticise the FBI and Comey on Twitter, labelling the organisation a "den of thieves and lowlifes!"

This tweet was posted by The President just hours before he ordered the US military to carry out precision air strikes on a suspected Syrian chemical weapons programme in coordination with the UK and France.

The erratic and gleeful wording of this tweet - combined with the fact that he just made one of the most important decisions of his Presidency so far, which could potentially lead to war - has not escaped some people who were quick to point this out.

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