Stanford Professor points out something weird about Trump's Michael Flynn tweet

Greg Evans
Monday 04 December 2017 11:30
Picture:(Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Donald Trump is finding himself in an increasingly precarious position as the US President.

On Friday, it was revealed that his former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.

It is alleged that Flynn withheld information from the FBI with regards to a meeting he held with Russian envoys, just weeks before Trump took office.

In response, Trump posted the following tweet on Saturday in which protested his innocence. However, it could be interpreted as an obstruction of justice.

Since then, the above tweet has gained a lot of attention.

Firstly it was pointed out by a series of experts that information within the post is likely to help Robert Mueller's investigation against the President.

Following that, a startling revelation came courtesy of one of Trump's lawyer's John Dowd.

On Sunday he told Axios, that he was the person that drafted that tweet and that it was a "mistake."

Reuters quote Dowd as saying:

The mistake was I should have put the lying to the FBI in a separate line referencing his plea.

Instead, I put it together and it made all you guys go crazy.

A tweet is a shorthand.

I’ll take responsibility.

I'm sorry I misled people.

He reportedly went on to say that this was the first and last time he would write a tweet for the Trump.

This confession from Dowd has been met with scepticism from experts, including Stanford Professor Michael McFaul, who pointed out how coincidental its timing was.

This line of thinking was also shared by journalists and other experts.

Furthermore, the probability website Did Trump Tweet It, which attempts to ascertain the authenticity of Trump's tweets suggested that it was the President that sent the tweet and not Dowd.

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