Trump's lawyer sends his press releases in the worst font ever

Greg Evans
Sunday 03 December 2017 12:00
Picture:(Mark Wilson/Getty Images/ Sahil Kapur/ Screengrab)

Comic Sans has been available as a font since the mid-1990s when it was introduced on the operating system Windows 95.

Since then it has been included on nearly every major OS in the world.

Picture: Giphy(Giphy)

It was created by font designer Vincent Connare who intended it to be a tribute to lettering used in comic books.

This doesn't excuse it from being absolutely awful to look at and read. It's subsequently become the source of many design jokes.

Therefore, we have absolutely no idea why a lawyer representing the President of the United States would choose to write his press releases in this font.

According to Bloomberg reporter Sahil Kapur, he received a press release from Donald Trump's lawyer Ty Cobb, that was inexplicably written in Comic Sans.

Given the serious nature of the release, which addressed the ongoing story that Trump's former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn lied to the FBI, you might think that he'd use a more serious typeface.

We would suggest something run of the mill like Helvetica, Calibri or Times New Roman.

Regardless of this, Kapur didn't actually address the use of the font in his original tweet and only confirmed Cobb's use of it when later questioned.


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