Laura Loomer is a well known conservative activist in America and ardent supporter of President Trump.

The reporter who works for the far right Canadian website The Rebel Media made headlines earlier this year though when she stormed the stage of an open air production of Julius Caesar in Central Park.

The play had depicted Trump as the assassinated titular Roman emperor, which she and her fellow right winger, Jack Posobiec took exception to.

She was arrested for the incident on grounds of disorderly conduct and trespassing.

Now she is back in the news - but for slightly less dramatic reasons.

Loomer took to Twitter on 2 August to complain that a tyre on her car had been slashed.

We aren't mechanics and apart from the tyre looking a little old, we'd have to agree with her on this one.

Step-forward Mike - who like Laura is also Trump supporter - but who clearly didn't believe her story.

He proceeded to explain why her tyre hadn't been slashed, while criticising her driving.

The detail he went into was scarily accurate:

Mike also knew when she purchased the tyre and what brand it was:

It then got a bit CSI:Tyre:

These sort of things might be second nature to anyone who works with cars and tyres but to provide such thorough investigation from just a couple of photos deserves some recognition.

However, despite his efforts Laura clearly ignored him and convinced her mechanics the tyre had been slashed.

HT Twitter, The Sun

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