The most terrifying chart about Donald Trump's victory

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Many are calling Donald Trump's victory in the United States election to become the 45th President an 'anti-establishment' victory.

In the sense that he was voted in by rural voters alongside a poor Democratic turnout for an establishment candidate, this analysis is correct.

Though more lower income voters voted for Clinton...

...they swung in favour of Trump compared to the previous election:

Whether this means low-income voters felt let down by Democrats or inspired by Trump is up for debate, but both candidates earned fewer votes than their predecessors Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in 2012, Hillary simply lost more than Trump.

Either way, it seems anti-establishment politics is the new route to political victory.

One alarming side-effect, given that Trump was elected alongside a Republican senate and congress, is the disregard he seems to hold for the democratic process and checks and balances.

Chillingly, the voters seemed to recognise Clinton as the candidate most likely to respect democratic institutions, and yet still they voted for the renegade.

What a time to be alive.

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