Kellyanne Conway’s made herself at home at the White House and people have a few things to say about it


Over the weekend, Donald Trump invited leaders of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) to the White House.

The meeting was part of the President’s plans to sign an executive order in an attempt to “significantly strengthen the office that pushes the federal government to do business with the colleges by moving it to the White House”.

The leaders gathered in the Oval office for the obligatory photo opportunity.

AFP tweeted the following:

Counsellor Kellyanne Conway appeared to be perched informally on the sofa, much to people’s chagrin:

You see, they didn’t like how she was sitting:

Some called it unprofessional.

Whereas others called it downright disrespectful.

There was speculation about what she was doing on her phone:

Some people claimed there was an untoward reason for the way she sat:

Ben Dreyfuss, engagement editor of Mother Jones clarified:

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