Even Antarctica held a women’s march this weekend

Linda Zunas/Twitter/Screengrab

On 21 January, Women around the world marched in feminist protest to mark the first day of Donald Trump's presidency.

In the UK they marched from the US embassy to Trafalgar Square, as part of UK-wide rallies to highlight women's rights and the misogyny Donald Trump has previously exhibited.

Other marches took place around the world, including well-attended and prominent gatherings in the United States.

There was even a display in Antarctica:

The march was organised by Linda Zunas, 42, a data analytics and market research professional from Oakland, California.

She told the Independent:

I set it up because I wanted to participate in the Women’s March.

I spent a month after the election mourning the impending damage to the earth that will be done. I felt like I needed to do something to be part of the global movement.

She also explained, due to the environmental sensitivity of the area, the march itself was limited:

The actual marching will be short as we have to limit our footprint on land.

She specified the march was not overtly political but a march for peace and for the environment.

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