Footage of lorries stuck in Dover is being compared to this scene from an Indiana Jones movie

Footage of lorries stranded in Dover is reminding everyone of the same iconic movie scene.

An aerial view of two lorries joining a neat row – that turns out to be one of many neat rows as the camera slowly zooms out – is eerily similar to a shot in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Spoiler alert: the 1981 Indiana Jones film ends with someone wheeling a box into a warehouse filled with boxes. And, as in the Sky News footage, the camera pans back, slowly revealing the full extent of them.

The warehouse boxes are filled with untold treasures from the Biblical Ark of the Covenant.

The lorries in Dover, meanwhile, are filled with freight on its way to France.

Almost 3,000 of them were stopped in their tracks as they tried to approach the Port of Dover because of fears a coronavirus variant detected in the south of England could spread internationally.

France became one of more than 50 countries to ban arrivals from the UK.

But, while lorry drivers have been stuck for up to 48 hours, they are likely to be relieved soon as France and the UK have struck a deal to reopen the border.

One of the conditions is that the waiting lorry drivers must test negative for coronavirus.

It is hoped that the chaos will finally be calmed in time for Christmas day.

People have been sharing the striking Indiana Jones comparison online.

This is the relevant scene:

It’s all the more apt because the Toriesinitially downplayed the situation. 

Grant Schapps claimed that there were fewer than 200 lorries backed up in Kent, while Priti Patel admitted it was more like 1,500. 

In fact, while the figure has “fluctuated”, it’s now approaching 3,000.

Where’s Harrison Ford when you need him?

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