Shocking video shows rebellious drivers careering onto the pavement to avoid road blockade

A ridiculous video has shown the measures that some British drivers will go to ignore road closures.

... And it needs to be seen to be believed.

Filmed in Lewisham, London, drivers can be seen treating instructions as mere suggestions, driving onto the pavement to get around planters deployed to close a road to through traffic.

The clip was shared on Twitter by Tom Edwards of BBC London News after being sent a clip by a local resident. And it has been met with mixed reactions.

While some social media users found the efforts taken funny and others defended the drivers for not having any other options, others were furious at the disregard for vulnerable people.

Twitter users are not the only ones annoyed.

The local council quickly put their foot down by saying it will replace the planters with heavy bollards to ensure drivers no longer do as they please.

Sophie McGeevor, Lewisham Cabinet Member responsible for Environment and Transport, entered the ongoing battle between determined drivers and council as she made the announcement on Twitter. She added there was “no excuse” for the drivers' decisions, just in case some motorists thought her words were suggestions.

But it appears as if car drivers in London are an ambitious bunch and have a mind of their own. Elsewhere, in Chiswick, some motorists are driving their council up the wall.

Images show that someone had moved a small planters that blocked the road leading under a railway bridge to a sports centre.

Hounslow Council responded by putting an even bigger planter in place.

This comes as a number of councils across London have been introducing road closures during the coronavirus lockdown. When will this tug of war end?

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