A Brooklyn estate agent has been fired after he was caught on video shouting racial slurs outside a club.

Footage shows Chris Giardina swearing and shouting at a bouncer outside Wyckoff Avenue at the House of Yes, the New York Post reports.

The 29-year-old was on the phone to the police, to whom he said:

Get a cop here now or I’m going to end up burying this black guy.

To the black bouncer, he shouted:

Touch me again you f***ing n****r.

Then, he turned to Rahir Cozart, who was filming the incident and shouted a racial slur against Latinos: "Yeah, I said it, because he’s punching me you f***ing s**c".

The bouncer remained calm during the onslaught of abuse. Giardina claimed the doorman hit him after he went out of the wrong door as he left the club.

Giardina repeatedly said he would ‘bury’ the bouncer.

You hit me in the face like a dirty, f***ing black person. You’ll lose your job and you’ll lose your house. Trust me.

What is this? Harlem?

The footage quickly went viral and Giardina, who worked for a real estate company called Myspace NYC, was fired.

His boss, Shawn Mullahy, told the Post:

I was embarrassed and saddened by [the video]. It’s not in line with the company culture or values.

Giardina told the publication that though he was “embarrassed” that he used the word, it was "being thrown around the entire time”. He added that using the word didn’t make him a “racist" - only an “idiot”.

According to police, there were no arrests.

Cozart uploaded the video on Facebook, where he wrote:

This Is America Y’all ! I Never Thought I’ll Personally Experience This In Person But Unfortunately I Did Last Night. It’s Sad That So Much Hate Is Within Around Us All Just Because The Color Of Our Skin Or Just Because The Country We Come From. We Need Some Change !

House of Ye did not immediately return a request for comment.

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