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Dua Lipa


Singer Dua Lipa has been criticised for appearing to travel during the pandemic, while also meeting with groups of friends.

The hugely popular singer brought us the lockdown-saving album Future Nostalgia, but while the vast majority of us have been staying home, fans have been unimpressed with trips that it looks like the singer has taken during the pandemic.

She’s been criticised online after posting pictures of a getaway on social media with a group of people, including her boyfriend Anwar Hadid

As the pandemic reaches arguably its most deadly stage so far, it’s been pointed out to the singer that people are struggling while she travels and enjoys herself.

One Twitter user wrote: “These would’ve been cute if u weren’t traveling during a pandemi[c]”.

Others poked fun at the fact that although her worldwide tour was cancelled, it hasn’t stopped Dua from having a global tour of her own.

Even the most loyal of fans are annoyed that Dua Lipa herself was warning people about the dangers of the pandemic at the start.

One Twitter user even posted a video collage of all her group pictures.

If in doubt, it’s probably best that celebrities make like the rest of us and stay home.

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