Eamonn Holmes and Dr Zoe Williams laugh about ‘alpaca hair’ comment at NTAs

Eamonn Holmes and Dr Zoe Williams laugh about ‘alpaca hair’ comment at NTAs

Eamonn Holmes and Dr Zoe Williams have appeared to laugh off the controversial ‘alpaca’ hair comment that Holmes made last month.

Appearing on the red carpet at the National Television Awards together on Thursday night, OK! have reported that the pair joked together and Holmes whispered in Williams’ ear: “I better not touch your f**king hair!”, referencing the incident.

They say she then giggled and replied: “Yes, stay clear of the hair!”

It comes after Holmes was criticised after saying the TV doctor’s hair reminded him of an “alpaca’s” on a segment of This Morning.

Williams, a TV doctor, had been on the show to discuss the latest health headlines. She said she would be talking about “how your health can be benefited from gardening and even alpacas”, prompting Holmes to make the strange comment.

“Your hair reminds me of an alpaca’s today,” he said.

“You just want to pet it, don’t you? It’s very alpacaish.”

Williams then laughed uncomfortably and said “don’t touch my hair!” as Holmes’ wife and co-host, Ruth Langsford shifted in her seat and tried to end the conversation.

Following the incident, Holmes then released an apology statement due to a public backlash in which people told him he was committing a microaggression against black people.

Williams then also released a statement on Instagram saying she had forgiven her friend, though noted the incident had provided her the opportunity to speak out about microaggressions.

Now, it appears the two have put the incident behind them as they interacted at the event last night. Seems like Holmes has learned his lesson.

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